VPS with cPanel

KVM VPS with cPanel License

We came with good news at the beginning of the new 2021.
From now on, you can get your virtual server with cPanel from us.
Please read more about our servers on this page.

KVM cPanel VPS

What are the features of our servers?

Our servers have distinctive features that can catch your eye.
Some features of our servers:

  • KVM

     virtualizor KVM

    We use KVM Virtualizer in virtual servers.
    You may ask how KVM is different from the rest!
    In KVM Virtualizer, resources are allocated exclusively to each server. what does it mean? This means that unlike other virtual machines, RAM and other resources are not shared and we can not oversell even if we want to! This means maintaining the quality of the servers, which is our main goal!

  • Free cPanel&WHM

    cPanel & WHM license

    We offer a free cPanel license with virtual servers.
    With the purchase of a virtual server, you no longer need to purchase a cPanel & WHM license.
    This is very good ! Because you save on your expenses.

  • nVME

    SSD NVME hard drive

    We use very fast nvme hard drives in servers.
    These drives are many times faster than SSDs.
    In these drives, the memory is connected directly to the motherboard. Without cable.
    The speed of this hard drive is very, very high and it is currently one of the fastest hard drives on the market. And of course expensive!
    Some companies offer hard drives with hybrid space.
    Unlike some companies, in cPanelSave, disk space is entirely NVME. This means speed!

  • VPS Control Panel

    Complete admin panel

    We have a complete admin panel for you.
    You can be informed about the consumption of your resources with the panel.
    Restart or shut down your server.
    Change your operating system
    Use VNC and connect to the server in any case (even if your server crashes).
    Change the server password.
    Manage server status from the moment the server is turned on
    And dozens of other features provided to you.

  • Support

    Software support

    We support your server software problems.
    Any problems you have with the server will be fixed by our experts for free.
    Note that solving site software problems does not include free support.
    Server, operating system, cpanel are among our support.


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