Direct Update
Direct Update from main source of constructive
Low price
Very good price of product compared to others
Support by us
All product support by cpanelsave team. 7/24 by ticket
Can back
can back from this license to normal license

OUR Product

Safe , Inexpensive , No difference in performance

Price is very convenient, safe and inexpensive, without any difference in performance, get direct support from us.

CpanelSave License

Low cost licensing, with the same efficiency!
Full-time support by us, a direct update from the manufacturer, fixing problems in the shortest time of our new system features.

Safe , professional

Full security; no change in your server, no additional load on the server (even at very low )

Direct update

Use the latest software version, Direct and non-interactive updates are our licensing features

The same performance

No changes in the performance of the software are created.Something will not be deleted or added. Acts just like a normal license

What are the differences?

In cpanel, for free ssl, you must use the letsencrypt [its free and easy active] . This license is supported by us, not the manufacturer

CpanelSave team

What is the reason for choosing cpanelsave?

New ways to increase security and reduce server costs
Give us your servers and be sure of the uptime, security and stability.

The very cost of licensing , expert support team and quick response to requests is a feature of CpanelSave

Contact Information

Licensecpanel [at]
+1 (510) 214 6575

Address Information

Extensive in the world and in different countries

Support Time

7/24 Support time by ticket

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