About Us


We are a team of several different countries that have been working on server programming, development and management since many years of experience.

Server License

We provide various software licenses. Licenses related to server activity
These licenses are in shared. Few costs for server administrators.

Server software management

We will manage the server software. In case of necessary software problems, we are at your side to maintain the stability of your server.

Professional configuration Server

Server Security Configuration, Web Service Optimization Configuration, MySql Optimization is our other service to minimize resources , get the maximum speed and increase your security

Our positive points

  1. Security of service
  2. Very low cost for you
  3. Full time support from you
  4. No additional load on the server
  5. Guide as much as you can for free
  6. There is no difference in performance
  7. And other items that have to try and enjoy 🙂

Negative points of our license

  1. The manufacturer does not support our licensors
  2. Licenses are not registered on the site of the manufacturer.
  3. Support for these licenses is with us, not the manufacturer
  4. For free auto ssl in cpanel, you need to install the letsencrypt plugin.
  5. There is no other problem 🙂


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    • +1 510 214 6575
    CpanelSave team area in all of world

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